Hello! I am sitting here in my shorts and t-shirt so very thankful to be in Florida today and not in the Northeast! Praying for everyone in Stella’s path. It has been so difficult to get into this new routine of waking up before the sun does. I hate the darkness, which is why I want to talk makeup today. It always brightens things up ūüėČ

I have been loving this monochrome makeup trend that is going on right now. My favorite is the all over nude look, but I have been trying to be more daring lately. I tried an all over peachy look this weekend and kind of loved it. It is definitely not something I would wear everyday, but for a fun (semi-adventurous) look it worked out great.

Monochrome makeup just means that the overall look of your makeup is basically the same color. So for a nude look, your eye shadow is brown, your lips are brown, and cheek color is…you guessed it…BROWN! This look can be done with a variety of colors. Everything from nudes to pinks all the way to reds, oranges, and even purples.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty, Smashbox, MAC


MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC

stila, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury


Smashbox, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown

All of these products can be purchased from Nordstrom. Have you tried any new daring makeup looks lately? Do you think you will try any of these? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!

So I am loving March already! I just started a new Pilates class with a couple of women from my neighborhood and now I’m obsessed! It is such a rigorous workout, but also low impact. Definitely a must for my sore joints. I have been dealing with some arthritis lately and my doctor told me […]

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One,¬†Two,¬†Three,¬†Four Hi Loves! Hope you are having a great day! March is here! What in the world?!?! I still cannot believe I live in Florida and get to enjoy the sunshine year round! The boys are loving it so much. It is like living in a vacation. Anywho, I have been getting a lot of […]

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Hey loves! Hope you are all doing well today. This week has been crazy. Dave has been traveling for work and the kids were out of school, so to say that I am exhausted is an understatement… So I have been wanting to write about these products for awhile, but put it off because I […]

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This weekend is all about red, white, and blue and what other great way to show your patriotism than through your nails? For some reason I always gravitate to red nail polish. I have a million different shades of red. Weirdly enough, I have a lot of blues too. I just love glitter top coat […]

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So I love Youtube…so much! I have my very own channel myself, check it out¬†HERE. HERE¬†is a video I did on the face palette as well. Okay let’s get to the good stuff. I am writing this post right now instead of waiting until my voice is better because I have seen/ read a lot […]

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Okay so if you know anything about me, it’s that I don’t think that life stops because you have kids. It definitely slows down for sure (or at least I hope so). I am a young mommy and have always been a straight arrow kind of person. I always follow the rules, but one thing […]

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Hey Y’all!! So I was really¬†excited to try Tarte Cosmetics. I have always seen them on QVC and knew they were top-notch products. I waited for the perfect moment to jump on a great deal- their Friends and Family sale. I got an extra percentage off everything in my purchase. I think it was an […]

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