Nobody and I do mean NOBODY loves Autumn more than me. The leaves change, the weather is crisper, and best of all FOOTBALL Saturdays! When it comes to fall, I love a good porch decoration or fresh mums planted in the yard. Every year, I try to add something new to my decorations. This year, I decided to decorate the inside of my house to make it a bit more festive. That is how I came up with these adorable wreaths. I had two spots in my house I wanted to make them for- above the fireplace and on this huge open space above our sliding glass door. When making wreaths, I usually just say to go the the Dollar store for the frame, but since I needed a bigger frame, I went to Michaels instead. Michaels ALWAYS has coupons, so NEVER pay full price. The biggest wreath I bought was around $20, which is completely overpriced and I probably should have been more patient and could have scored a half-off coupon.


To begin you need the following items:

  • a stick wreath frame
  • fake flowers and leaves (these I got from the Dollar store)
  • wire cutters (not necessary, but easier to use than scissors)


First you will need to cut down the stems of the flowers in order for them to fit into the wreath. Next, you just need to arrange the flowers and wreaths how you want to. I find this the most difficult part; however, it is fun trying to piece together the right colors and look. Since the wreath frame is made of sticks, and can hold objects easily, no adhesive is really needed.


The first wreath I did had no rhyme or reason to it. I just put random pieces of similar color in it and I love the result. The second wreath I wanted to look more uniform so I stuck with a sequence of the same color flowers and leaves.


These wreaths were super easy and fun to make. Obviously I know it is not rocket science or hard to do. I just wanted to share some inspiration and reiterate that you can make cheap things look like a million bucks!

Thanks for reading!

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