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 I don’t know about you, but taco Tuesday in our house is sacred. We live for all of the different flavors and stuffings that we put into our tacos. The boys really get into making their own tacos. Recently, however, I have been trying out a vegetarian diet. It is EXTREMELY difficult. Not only is no one else in my house vegetarian, but I love meat. Overall, I would say it has been challenging, but it is fun to learn new recipes and try them. Enchiladas are something we have all loved for awhile and although it is an oldie for us…it is also a goodie.

Recently, when I made these enchiladas, I just used whatever I had in the kitchen already, but you can add or take away whatever you choose. That is what is so much fun about them! You can make a whole new recipe each time.

For my enchiladas I used:

  • Flour Tortillas
  • Old El Paso Green Chile Enchilada sauce– this is not my absolute favorite sauce, but it was the only one I could find in a pinch that is not spicy. (1 can)
  • Organic Black Beans (2 cans)
  • White rice (one bag of Minute rice)
  • Shredded Cheese- does not need to be “Mexican blend” (approx 2 cups)

The first thing I do it heat up all of the ingredients that are going into the enchiladas.


I like to heat up the black beans first, then drain them.

After draining the beans, I mash them. This will give the enchiladas a much better consistency. I just used my tool that I would usually use for mashing potatoes.

Next, I add the other ingredients to the pot and mix them all together. In this case it is cheese and rice.

Next, you will want to roll your enchiladas!

Lastly, add a healthy layer of cheese on top! You can also choose to put the enchilada sauce on the bottom of the pan or drizzle it on top of the enchiladas then add the cheese- whichever you prefer! I usually put it on the bottom of the pan, so they don’t stick to it.

Put your enchiladas in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20-30 mins (depending on how well you want them cooked).

There you have it! A simple and healthy recipe for your family to enjoy!

Let me know if you try it and thanks for reading!

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