Hey Guys! So I am so upset at the moment honestly. First of all, I am very let down by Jaclyn Hill and Becca cosmetics both. I loved both and had a lot of faith in their partnership; however, after their last eyeshadow collab fiasco…I would be foolish to not be more discerning when it came to both. I went to go order their brand new split palettes when they came out last Thursday at and decided to take a peak at the ingredients list. I was shocked at what I saw. The ingredients in the Flowerchild blush (which is the only one they have the ingredients listed for) did not at all line up with that of its predecessors. What I mean to say is that the Jaclyn Hill collection formulas are NOT the same as the original BECCA mineral formulas. Becca claims it is so the the PAO (shelf life can be longer…) IF that is the case…HORRIBLE timing on Becca’s part.

Either way, I do not believe anything either of these entities say anymore. I feel so let down from the first MAJOR mistake with this collaboration and I just don’t think I can let it go.

Below are the differences in formulas- you can decide for to think of it yourself. The blush in question the called Flowerchild. Also if you are lost about the first major mistake I am talking about…see my original post about it.

Also check out my Youtube video about my Twitter exchange with Jaclyn herself regarding the mishap and my feelings about the whole situation.