Okay yall, I have been very overwhelmed the past few months…with HAPPINESS! I love the South. It’s where my heart is. I loved living in New Jersey too- don’t get me wrong- but there is something about being engrossed in constant sunshine and accents that just makes my heart smile. First of all, the kids are loving living here. We swim, play at the park, or go for walks every day. Not something easy to do with three kids in 30 degree weather. I was sooooo anxious about moving the boys away from the only home they had ever known. I cried over it more times than I can count. If it had only been Dave and I, the decision would have been simple. However, leaving the boys’ only friends and family they have ever known was not easy, but as it turns out, all of the stress was worth it.

In case you do not know the backstory, my little family of five just moved from New Jersey to Florida! I am so happy that we made the leap, but some times I think about our old house, life, and friends. It is still surreal to me that we live here. It just feels like we are on a vacation that never ends 😉

Here is the last picture of us that we took in our old house. (Excuse how I look haha).

For the move down the boys and I flew with my mother to Orlando and went to Disney. Dave unfortunately had to stay back to finish with the movers.He then came to pick us up four days later after making a 20+ hour drive in the car with 2 DOGS! God love my husband, he’s a saint. The first thing we did when we got to our new house in Florida was, of course, swim! It was mid-January, so we were definitely not used to being outside- much less swimming- during that time of year. Pretty soon we realized just how different life would be for us here. Every family is different and one place is not better than another, I get that. But for us, Florida is a sweet breath of fresh air and we are loving every minute of it!