Hey there 😉

I hope your March was amazing! My family and I had a lot of great times and will have great memories from it. I cannot wait for April! We will all be flying to Houston for Dave’s cousin’s wedding. I am so happy for the lovely couple and am looking forward to all of the wedding festivities!

Last week was Jett and Rex’s spring break and while they are still technically only in preschool, we usually treat it like it is a special week. This year, of course, we moved to Florida. We are still adjusting to being residents here and every day feels like we are on vacation, therefore, this Spring break we decided to do more of a staycation. Dave’s mom and stepdad came in from New Jersey and we did some local sightseeing while they were here. It is fun to have an excuse to do all of the local things.

The first place we decided to visit was the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Jupiter, Florida. This cool little place works to conserve the ecosystem around us and dedicates its facilities to rehabilitating sea turtles. Jett is in love with animals and wants to learn everything he can do to help them, so this was a huge win for him. (Notice his binoculars in the picture.) 🙂

Rex had a great time as well. He loved the museum part where we got to learn about all sorts of turtles. He especially loved the massive prehistoric turtles. Ace, other the other hand, was very upset that we decided to go during his nap time.

The next day we decided to go downtown. Downtown West Palm Beach is a great place for kids during the day. There are loads of stores, restaurants, and best of all- ice cream shops!

Here are the boys with their grandparents.

There was a huge boat show going on that we could have attended, but we decided against it with small kids. However, there is always plenty of stuff going on downtown. Whether it is live music or random bounce houses in the streets, you will always be pleasantly surprised by something here on the weekends.


I brought swim suits and towels for the kids so that they could play in the water fountains.

I feel like they could play in those things for hours!

On the last day we decided to stick with the animal theme and go to Lion Country Safari. You take your family in your own car through their safari. They give you a cd and you can listen to a tour guide talk about all of the animals that you will see. After the safari, there is a massive play area including a mini water park, spray ground, petting zoo, putt-putt golf, little rides, and TONS more! It seriously is a good deal and definitely makes for a super fun-filled day.

Have you ever seen a more priceless face?! This was Ace’s reaction to seeing an ostrich. Birds are his favorite. 🙂

Jett just monkeying around! There are a ton more animals to see after the safari including monkeys, parrots, and alligators!

Rex on the carousel. He enjoyed riding all of the little rides they offer throughout the park.

The boys are taking golf lessons right now, so they took putt-putt very seriously.

All-in-all I am so glad we ended up staying home. We had such fun little adventures without the added stress of traveling!

Why is it that the parents always forget to get themselves in the pictures! Haha. Dave snapped a pic of Ace assaulting me with my own sunglasses.

Have you ever done a little staycation of your own? Which would you prefer? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for stopping by!