Hello there 🙂

This week has been super crazy, yet I feel like it has gone by so fast! The boys have been out of school and my in-laws came into town so we have been having a little staycation of sorts. I have been so happy to have the boys see their grandparents and spend quality time with them.

This week I am loving the weather! We have been blessed with what seems to be perfect weather here in South Florida.

I am also loving all of the new pastel makeup that seems to be popping up everywhere! This Lorac palette is something I need my hands on right now!

My kids and I have been really into riding bikes lately and we have a Schwinn bike trailer and love it!

Tassels are everywhere right now and this bag from Rebecca Minkoff is cute and practical.

Avocados are coming back into season and this site gives you 12 different ways to use it on toast.

Also, we have taken Ace to more restaurants in one week than in his whole life! haha I think he is a pro now 🙂

This has been an amazing week for my family and I. I hope yours has been just as wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!