yoga3Have you ever tried working out but you just keep getting distracted? Whether it be at the gym or at home, I can always find reasons not to finish a workout. The biggest distraction for me, at home, are my kids. It’s almost a joke. I tell everyone, “I’m going to workout now!” and almost instantaneously everyone in the house comes to my side. No matter what I do I can never have thirty glorious minutes to myself. Essentially, I’ve learned to just ignore them, but at times it’s hard when they are literally crawling all over me.My boys (thankfully) are old enough to go to preschool, so when they go I have a good three hours to myself (well with Ace). Even with the baby at home, that time is sacred for me. I would tell any momma who is having reservations about letting their kids go to preschool to JUST LET GO and do it! You will thank yourself believe me. BUT I digress….

Working out for me is a chore, so to get through it I like to do things like yoga in the mornings or play tennis/ golf with my husband. Much to my chagrin, however, I feel guilty any time I leave the kids to do things like that. But why? Isn’t my kids’ happiness constantly interwoven into mine? I mean if I am a miserable overweight person, won’t that reflect on my kids’ lives?For me it is all about the endorphins. They do a lot for my mental state. If I get in a workout in the morning it could mean the difference between taking my kids to the museum that day or not. It’s not like I punish my kids if I don’t get a workout in, it’s just that I feel much more motivated to do big excursions with the kids when I feel like I’ve had some “me time” beforehand. I say all this to say: “Make time for yourself.” –even if your kids (and dogs) are crawling all over you during your morning yoga routine (these were candid pictures and truly depict my mornings with my crazy boys) or crying before every trip you take to the gym. Every woman and mom needs time for herself. As women and mothers, some times we aren’t selfish enough.